Privacy Policy Statement


  1. NYUUKON FITNESS LIMITED (“NYUUKON”) pledges to meet and comply with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap.486 of the Laws of Hong Kong) (“Ordinance”). In doing so, NYUUKON has committed itself to protect and keep in strict confidence any personal data (as defined below) collected.

  2. This Statement is important and should be read thoroughly in order to understand the privacy policies of NYUUKON in respect of any personal data it collects from you, as a data subject (as defined below).

  3. NYUUKON may amend, update, vary or add to this Statement from time to time without any prior notice as necessary and any revised Statement will be published on this website.

  4. By accessing and using this NYUUKON’s website and any of its pages, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set out herein.

  5. If there is any inconsistency between the English version and the Chinese version of this Statement, the English version shall prevail.

Type of Personal Data

  1. The term “personal data”, wherever mentioned in this Statement, includes the following kind of information:-

    1. All the data which may be collected or held by NYUUKON from time to time in connection with the registration and establishment of user’s account or the use products and facilities, the following data relating to a data subject (including any updated data of any of the following data):

      1. full name;

      2. date of birth;

      3. e-mail address;

      4. competitions, assessments, exercises and other online activities as published from time to time.

  2. For the avoidance of doubt, "data subjects" shall not include any incorporated bodies. The contents of this Statement shall apply to all data subjects and form part of any contracts for services that the data subjects have or may enter into with NYUUKON from time to time. If there is any inconsistency or discrepancy between this Statement and the relevant contract, this Statement shall prevail insofar as it relates to the protection of the data subjects' personal data. Nothing in this Statement shall limit the rights of the data subjects under the Ordinance.

Collection of Personal Data

  1. From time to time, it is necessary for the data subjects to supply NYUUKON with personal data in connection with the registration and establishment of user’s account or the use or continuation of provision of  products and facilities.

  2. Failure to supply such personal data may result in NYUUKON being unable to register and establish a user account or use or continue the provision of services and products and facilities.

Protection of Children under the age of 18

  1. Data subjects who are under the age of 18 must obtain permission from their parents or legal guardians before providing any personal data to NYUUKON.

Purposes of Use of Personal Data Collected

  1. The purposes for which the personal data relating to the data subjects may be used will vary depending on the nature of the data subjects' relationship with NYUUKON, they may include the following :

    1. conducting statistical and data analysis;

    2. allowing a purchase or an obtaining of a product or service introduced or referred to by NYUUKON;

    3. performing investigation or inquiry of any illegal conduct;

Storage of Personal Data and Security

  1. All personal data collected from data subjects will be stored in secure servers of NYUUKON in order to prevent any unauthorized or accidental access, processing or erasure.

  2. NYUUKON maintains this commitment to data security by implementing appropriate physical, electronic and managerial measures to safeguard and secure personal data.

  3. NYUUKON will take all practical steps to ensure that personal data will not be kept longer than necessary and NYUUKON will comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements of Hong Kong concerning the retention of personal data.

  4. While NYUUKON does everything it can to protect personal data from unauthorized use, processing and disclosure, data subjects should take precaution not to share, provide or facilitate unauthorized use of an unique username and/or password assigned by NYUUKON or allow access or use of it by others. If, in the unlikely event, unauthorized transactions have been discovered through no fraud, fault or negligence on the part of data subjects, the data subjects should inform NYUUKON immediately.

Rights of Access or Correction of Personal Data

  1. The persons to whom requests for access to data or correction of data or for information regarding policies and practices and kinds of personal data held are to be addressed is as follows:-

Email :
Tel : 9735 6981


A. 一般事項

1.      入魂有限公司(以下簡稱「入魂」) 承諾符合及遵守香港法例第 486章《個人資料(私隱)條例》 (「私隱條例」)的規定。為履行此承諾,任何入魂已收集的個人資料(見定義如下)將予嚴謹保密及保護。

2.      本私隱政策聲明極其重要,閣下務必仔細閱讀,以了解入魂就向閣下身為資料當事人(見定義如下)收集其個人資料之有關私隱政策。

3.      入魂可不定時就本聲明作出適當的修改,更新,更改或添加。任何修訂後的聲明將在本網站公佈,恕不另行通知。

4.      透過瀏覽及使用本入魂網站和其網頁, 閣下即表示閣下同意本聲明所載的條款及條件。

5.      如本中文版本與其英文版本有任何差異, 應以本聲明的英文版本爲準。


1.      入魂不時就登記和建立用戶帳戶, 或使用或延續提供服務或持有的資料中,有關資料當事人的資料如下(包括任何下列資料之更新):

         1.      全名

         2.      電郵地址;

         3.      電話號碼

2.      為免疑問,「資料當事人」不包括任何法人團體。本聲明的內容適用於所有資料當事人,並構成其與入魂不時訂立或可能訂立的任何合約的一部分。若本聲明與有關合約存在任何差異或分歧,就有關保護資料當事人的個人資料而言概以本聲明為準。本聲明並不限制資料當事人在私隱條例下之權利。

B. 個人資料之收集

1.      為登記和建立用戶帳戶,資料當事人需要提供有關的個人資料。

2.      若未能向入魂提供該等資料,可能會導致無法登記和建立用戶帳戶,或使用或延續提供服務和設施。

C. 保護18歲以下的兒童之個人資料

1.      任何18歲以下的資料當事人必須於獲得其家長或法定監護人許可後方可向入魂提供其個人資料。

D. 個人資料收集目的

1.      資料當事人之資料的用途將視乎其與入魂的關係性質有所不同,其中包括以下用途:​

         1.      進行統計和數據分析;

         2.      與資料當事人或其授權人聯絡;

         3.      就任何非法行為進行調查或查詢

E. 個人資料的保存及保安

1.      所有已收集的個人資料將被保存在入魂安全的伺服器以防止任何未經授權的或意外的查閱,處理或刪除。

2.      為致力保障資料安全,入魂採取適當實質、電子以及管理措施,以保障閣下的個人資料安全。

3.      入魂將採取實際可行步驟,確保不會保留客戶的個人資料超過必需的時間,而入魂亦會遵守香港特別行政區一切有關保存個人身分資料的法例及監管規定。

4.      入魂會盡力保護個人資料免於未經授權的使用、處理和披露,資料當事人應採取預防措施,切勿讓他人知道閣下的用戶名稱和/或密碼,亦不要讓他人取得或使用此等資料。如不幸地閣下發現未經授權的交易而該交易非因閣下的欺詐行為、疏忽或過失,閣下有責任立即通知入魂。


1.      任何關於查閱或改正資料,或索取關於資料政策及措施或入魂所持有的資料種類的要求,應向下列人士提出:

電郵 :
電話: 9735 6981